Relaxing on Lake Titicaca: Copacabana & Isla del Sol

While J and I first hit the stunning Lake Titicaca in Puno, Peru, we decided to wait until we crossed the border into Bolivia to really experience it, as we heard that side was ¨better.¨ Though with views like the one below, we were kind of doubting how that was even possible. A quick note on crossing the border into Bolivia as an American citizen: Show up prepared. You need a copy of your passport, a... read more

My Around the World Round Up: Part II

Central Asia.  The collection of countries otherwise known as the “Stans.” But more accurately… the collection of countries people just don’t know about. Well, save for Afghanistan, but it seems we just consider it the Middle East now.  I mean I certainly didn’t know how to spell Kyrgyzstan two years ago. And Tajikistan? To be honest – I may not have known it existed. So how did I end up spending... read more

My Around the World Round Up: Part I

And just like that, it’s over. Months and months of planning, one year of amazing around-the-world adventuring and now I’m back in suburbia, sitting in my sunroom eating a bagel (smoked salmon) and wondering, did that all really happen? I mean, coming back from being away is never easy.  Whether it’s a week at the shore or six months in Asia, there’s always that transitional... read more

Lazarat, Albania. Think Drugs?

This post was written together with Silvia and also appears on her blog Heart My Backpack.   Think Albania. What comes to mind? Drug-addicted sex slaves? Then you’ve probably seen Taken. Luckily our experience with Albanians wasn’t quite like the Hollywood movie. However, we did take a day trip to a special village that took us into Albania’s shadier side. It all started when we visited Nate in... read more

Passportless on the Albanian Riviera

  This post was written with Silvia of Heart My Backpack! If you were following the news in the 90s you’re a) old and b) you probably remember Albania as a war-torn and closed off country, under the tight control of a brutal dictatorship. Luckily, the Albania we experienced in 2014 couldn’t have been further from that. Beautiful white-sand beaches, clear turquoise water, cheap food and wine and some... read more

16 Hours in Belgrade

Originally we were going to spend a few weeks in Israel. When we were planning our trip Danielle insisted that we needed at least three weeks (though according to her four would have been ideal). But after two weeks of touring the New Jersey sized country, we decided, like we always do, it was time to go somewhere new. I had been obsessed with visiting the Balkans and Danielle really wanted to go to... read more

11 Ways To Backpack Through Israel On Less Than $20 Per Day

We’re reunited! This post was co-written by Silvia, a former Roaming Coconut who can currently be found blogging at Heart My Backpack.   I’ve been talking Israel up to Silvia for the past year, so when we finally decided to go the pressure was on. Especially when I realized that despite having been there several times before, I had never actually traveled the country as a tourist.... read more

Surfing in Palestine

Couchsurfing that is. The West Bank. Palestine. Whatever you want to call it, controversy over this small yet politically and religiously charged piece of land has been saturating the international news for years, so chances are you’ve heard of it. You probably even have some sort of opinion about it. Though I had been to Israel several times, I had never spent more than a few hours in the West Bank, and... read more

Getting Spit On And Other Cultural Adventures With The Karamajong

The driver parked on the side of the road to grab something from a nearby store leaving me and Ben, my good Ugandan friend in the back seat. While we were waiting I saw a man whose beautiful, weathered face was so full of character, I had to take his picture. I snapped away and he requested payment. Not something I like to make a habit of, but being stuck in the backseat I obliged, passing him a handful... read more

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