Last Stop: Jakarta

“It’s dirty, it’s smelly, it’s gross.”  Backpackers we met were unanimous in their dislike for Jakarta, the overpopulated capital of Indonesia. We love a good underdog, and so wanted them to be wrong.  Just call them pretentious traveler types. But they were right. Jakarta smells like sewage, has horrible smog and the traffic — woah. However, besides the abovementioned... read more

Culture Ain’t Always Cheap

But seriously guys. After indulging in lots of Bintang beer, beaches and backpackers we stopped in Yogykarta (pronouced Jo-gja-karta) for a dose of culture. But is turns out that wasn’t really in our budget. Temples and ruins are beautiful. We get the appeal, we really do! But they are kinddd of boring. Silvia was dragged to too many as a child, and I saw my fair share in Thailand (ok, and I would... read more

From Seminyak to Yogyakarta

On our way from Flores to Java we decided to stop in Bali one more time because, why not. We’re having a slight case of separation anxiety after weeks on the beach — we won’t be near an ocean again for who knows how many months until we get to Vietnam. We didn’t make the same mistake twice, and avoided the frat party vibes of Kuta in favor of the still touristy, yet slightly more... read more

I’m Going Going, Back Back, to Bali Bali

I have a confession: Danielle and I have broken our “no Western food” rule.  Over and over.  It all started with a McFlurry.  It was so hot outside and it looked so good.  We quickly amended the rule: we could eat Western food if it was the same price as local food.  But once you get a taste it’s a slippery slope, and soon we’re  splurging on wood-fired pizzas.  Sooo I kind of... read more

Boat Trippin’

Safely in Flores after four days at sea, we’re currently unwinding at Laprima Hotel with a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the island-filled ocean.  And no, it’s not our hotel (obvi) but they didn’t seem to mind when we walked in. We arrived here after one of the infamous boat tours from Lombok.  They are infamous because they aren’t exactly safe. Having read numerous accounts... read more

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