Community Based Tourism in Arslanbob, Kyrgyzstan

The trip from Bishkek to Arslanbob took about eight hours – not bad by our standards.  Plus we had working windows.  And we only broke down once.  As per usual we arrived at our destination after dark with no accommodation booked.  But this time, instead of stumbling around under the weight of our backpacks searching for someone to take us in, we were pleasantly surprised to find an English speaking... read more

Wild, Wild Horses, Couldn’t Drag Us Away

This post was written by Silvia Lawrence, who can be found blogging from Heart My Backpack.   Sasha and I should have known. The signs were all there, even if we didn’t want to believe it of Danielle. “When are we going horseback riding?” Danielle had repeatedly asked us. “A horse trek is the only thing I really want to do in Kyrgyzstan.” “Do you want to do a two... read more

Bedbugs and Border Police in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan.  Where to even begin?   I know what your reference point is, and well, this will probably come as a shock, but Borat is pretty inaccurate (no running of the Jews, what?).  In fact, the movie that compelled so many people to attempt to locate Kazakhstan on a map was actually filmed in Romania.  Different continent, different culture, totally different people.  So sneaky... read more

Central Asia: Teenage Wasteland

“How old are you?” “I’m twenty-five, and Sasha and Danielle are twenty-four.” “Are you married?” “No.” “Will you get married soon?” “Um…probably not.” “But you’re already so old!!” It’s always the same conversation, first had at the Chinese-Kyrgyz border health inspection and repeated with each new... read more

Bits from Kyrgyzstan

We started off in Sary-Tash, which felt like doing a bit of travel back to a simpler time. After spending a couple of days in Sary-Tash with the sweetest host family (just enough time to recover from the harrowing drive from China) we headed up to Osh. It was a comfortable enough ride, especially once we shoved Sasha into the trunk (we needed our leg room!). The scenery along the way was beautiful.... read more

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