2014: Blog Changes & Travel Plans

So, you’re probably wondering why the blog is called The Roaming Coconuts if there is only one of me, right?  TRC was born into existence after I met Silvia while we were volunteers in Thailand.  After knowing each other for only three months, we decided to take an epic four and a half month backpacking trip around Asia, stopping in places like Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan,... read more

Venturing Outside of Chiang Mai: Thai Cowboys and Placenta Curry

After weeks of talking about it, my friends and I finally managed to coordinate a trip to the Sanpatong Saturday Buffalo Market.  Despite its name, the market sells everything under the sun – cattle, roosters, clothes, motorcycles, chilis, machetes and so on.  Yep, you gotta love Asia. We left Chiang Mai early in an attempt to beat the scorching noon sun.  At 6 am the city seemed like  a totally different... read more

Silvia is Moving!

  As many of you know, Danielle and I decided to go our separate ways for some solo traveling in the spring, before reuniting this summer in Israel. We had planned to continue blogging together on The Roaming Coconuts, however we quickly realized that sharing a blog from different continents would be a bit tricky. Coordinating blog posts while Danielle is in Ethiopia and I’m in Iran? Maybe not... read more

Battle and Downs: The South of England

This post was written by Silvia Lawrence, who can be found blogging from Heart My Backpack.   Oh hey blog, remember me? I didn’t totally abandon you, just took a little holiday break at home in the States. Three weeks, lots of exciting Christmas presents, and an extra ten pounds later, I hopped on a plane to London and remembered something about being a coconut. That’s right –... read more

Undiscovered Myanmar: Trekking in Northern Shan State

I enjoyed everything that I did in Myanmar, but the real highlight of my trip was the three-day motorbike trek that I did in Northern Shan State.  If I had just done the trek and nothing else, I still would have left the country feeling satisfied.  After working with Shan Youth Power in Chiang Mai, I couldn’t wait to visit the homeland of my coworkers and friends.  Plus, Shan food is really, really,... read more

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