Hell’s Gate National Park

As Sam, Abby and I set off for Hell’s Gate National Park — the park that inspired the scenery in Lion King — I had illusions of grandeur. I was going to bicycle alongside zebras, run with the giraffes, trot with the warthogs!  Yes I was! You’re probably wondering if I was worried I would be eaten by lions, right? Actually there are no predators at Hell’s Gate, which is why... read more

Loving Nairobi and all of its Craziness

As I prepared for my solo trip to Africa, those closest to me weren’t exactly…….encouraging.  My parents didn’t comprehend that I was actually going until I started packing my bags.  They tried to dissuade me — apparently the thought of their only daughter traipsing around Africa was a bit nerve racking. “How about Japan? Or why don’t you visit your uncle in... read more

Maasai Mara: My Adventure at Kenya’s Most Popular Park

I hadn’t really planned on visiting any national parks while in Kenya, and certainly not Maasai Mara. While iconic in name and famous for its high concentration of big cats, local Maasai people and of course, the Great Migration, because it’s just too expensive. Entrance is $80 per DAY, which doesn’t include a vehicle, guide or accommodation. Who are the Maasai? One of Kenya’s... read more


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