Getting Spit On And Other Cultural Adventures With The Karamajong

The driver parked on the side of the road to grab something from a nearby store leaving me and Ben, my good Ugandan friend in the back seat. While we were waiting I saw a man whose beautiful, weathered face was so full of character, I had to take his picture. I snapped away and he requested payment. Not something I like to make a habit of, but being stuck in the backseat I obliged, passing him a handful... read more

Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Everything seems to move a little bit slower in Africa, so it’s no surprise that I’ve started to fall slightly behind on blogging. The Swahili term “pole pole,” meaning “slowly slowly,” can aptly be applied to well, almost every situation here. Why is the seven hour bus taking twelve hours? “Pole pole.”  When my trekking guide decides that we should cross a... read more


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