Passportless on the Albanian Riviera

  This post was written with Silvia of Heart My Backpack! If you were following the news in the 90s you’re a) old and b) you probably remember Albania as a war-torn and closed off country, under the tight control of a brutal dictatorship. Luckily, the Albania we experienced in 2014 couldn’t have been further from that. Beautiful white-sand beaches, clear turquoise water, cheap food and wine and some... read more

16 Hours in Belgrade

Originally we were going to spend a few weeks in Israel. When we were planning our trip Danielle insisted that we needed at least three weeks (though according to her four would have been ideal). But after two weeks of touring the New Jersey sized country, we decided, like we always do, it was time to go somewhere new. I had been obsessed with visiting the Balkans and Danielle really wanted to go to... read more

11 Ways To Backpack Through Israel On Less Than $20 Per Day

  I’ve been talking Israel up to Silvia for the past year, so when we finally decided to go the pressure was on. Especially when I realized that despite having been there several times before, I had never actually traveled the country as a tourist. Obviously I’ve always been a fan of Israel, but this trip opened my eyes to just how warm and hospitable Israelis can be. Prickly pears (sabras)... read more


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