My Around the World Round Up: Part I

And just like that, it’s over. Months and months of planning, one year of amazing around-the-world adventuring and now I’m back in suburbia, sitting in my sunroom eating a bagel (smoked salmon) and wondering, did that all really happen? I mean, coming back from being away is never easy.  Whether it’s a week at the shore or six months in Asia, there’s always that transitional... read more

Lazarat, Albania. Think Drugs?

Think Albania. What comes to mind? Drug-addicted sex slaves? Then you’ve probably seen Taken. Luckily our experience with Albanians wasn’t quite like the Hollywood movie. However, we did take a day trip to a special village that took us into Albania’s shadier side. It all started when we visited Nate in Belgrade and he started recommending places in Albania. Really, we should have known that taking... read more


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