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Lazarat, Albania. Think Drugs?

Think Albania. What comes to mind? Drug-addicted sex slaves? Then you’ve probably seen Taken. Luckily our experience with Albanians wasn’t quite like the Hollywood movie. However, we did take a day trip to a special village that took us into Albania’s shadier side. It all started when we visited Nate in Belgrade and he started recommending places in Albania. Really, we should have known that taking... read more

Passportless on the Albanian Riviera

  This post was written with Silvia of Heart My Backpack! If you were following the news in the 90s you’re a) old and b) you probably remember Albania as a war-torn and closed off country, under the tight control of a brutal dictatorship. Luckily, the Albania we experienced in 2014 couldn’t have been further from that. Beautiful white-sand beaches, clear turquoise water, cheap food and wine and some... read more


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