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How To Get From Coca, Ecuador To Iquitos, Peru By Boat

“Truly a once in a lifetime experience…….that I would never do again.” “Too Expensive.” “You will never be able to do it with a motorcycle” Thanks guys. Those are just a few of the encouraging sentiments we encountered while planning our boat trip down the Rio Nape from Coca, Ecuador to Iquitos, Peru. Fun fact about Iquitos: it’s completely... read more

Gasping For Air (and other activities) In La Paz, Bolivia

Located more than 3,500 meters above sea level, La Paz holds the title for world’s highest city. Which meant that as rotund locals, weighed down by pounds of fabric glided effortlessly past me on the steep city streets, I was constantly left keeled over gasping for air (though if this is more a testament to the thin air or my physical state, I’m unsure). Whether or not you get used to the... read more

Getting Back On The Beaten Path At The World’s Largest Salt Flats

Visiting Salar Uyuni, the word’s largest salt flat, is at the top of any South American traveler’s to-do list — and for obvious reasons (see photos). If you’re starting your tour in Bolivia like I was, most salt flats tours originate out of Uyuni, which is my opinion has zero redeeming qualities and not to sound harsh, but spending additional time there should be avoided at all... read more

Getting Off The Beaten Path in Quime, Bolivia

I´d always classified Bolivia as a pretty “off-the-beaten-path” destination, and thought of it as a country rich with opportunity for adventure and you know, poor in tourists. A traveler´s dream, right? So you can imagine my dismay when I arrived in the capital, La Paz, to find I was just another white face in a sea of many, many Gringos. Fine for a minute I suppose, but once I had my fill of... read more

Relaxing on Lake Titicaca: Copacabana & Isla del Sol

While J and I first hit the stunning Lake Titicaca in Puno, Peru, we decided to wait until we crossed the border into Bolivia to really experience it, as we heard that side was ¨better.¨ Though with views like the one below, we were kind of doubting how that was even possible. A quick note on crossing the border into Bolivia as an American citizen: Show up prepared. You need a copy of your passport, a... read more


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