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Kunming, China to Vietnam: Visas and Transportation

Getting a Vietnamese Visa in Kunming: After a 12+ hour ride from Bijie, I arrived at the Kunming bus station around 1:00 am sans Silvia who was spending one extra night in Bijie.  It was super sketchy and as soon as I stepped off of the bus I was surrounded by people yelling at me in Chinese, asking for money, trying to get me to take their taxi, etc.  I hated it and definitely overpaid the taxi driver... read more

I’m Going Going, Back Back, to Dali Dali

Well not quite, but we want to see how many times we can use the same Tupac reference on our blog.  We actually briefly stopped in Bijie to visit Silvia’s college friend who is doing Peace Corps.  It was a great way for us to relax for a few days; Silvia had plenty of time to catch up on her fellow Ephs as she and Jason reminisced about their days at Williams College and I took of advantage of... read more

Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park

Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park is rumored to be one of the most beautiful places in China, and for a country of roughly 9,59,8094 square kilometers (or 5,963,979 square miles) that’s really saying something.  After spending a day there in late October — peak season for foliage — we would have to agree. Tips: Jiuzhaigou is EXPENSIVE.  And not just by our standards.  A regular ticket will... read more

Hitchhiking in China

This post was written by Silvia Lawrence, who can be found blogging from Heart My Backpack.   Leaving Central Asia, we knew we were in for a bit of sticker shock. Food and accomodation in China can be quite cheap, but transportation? $40 for twelve hours on a smoke-filled bus. Not ideal. So when Will, our new Chinese backpacker friend, mentioned that he was hitchhiking from Xiahe to Jiuzhaigou but... read more

(Wild) Western China

I have strangely few memories from my early childhood (sorry Mom and Dad). One of my most prominent is from a family vacation to the Bahamas when I was in first grade. One night we went to a concert, where a seemingly obese man got on stage for a rendition of “I’m Too Sexy” while he shed many layers of clothing, ending the song quite thin, donning nothing but a speedo. In Western China, Silvia and I... read more

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