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Eating Our Way Through Kashgar

When we arrived (for the third time!) in Sary-Tash, we were informed that we were lucky—the following day was the last before the border to China closed for ten days. Now, Sary-Tash is great for a day, maybe even two, but ten? I would go crazy. Plus I’m not sure if I could handle ten days without a proper shower (Silvia on the other hand…). After a lovely night, complete with a special spa treatment for... read more

How to Get from Kashgar to Kyrgyzstan

When traveling from China to Kyrgyzstan you basically have two options: you can shell out $100 for the overnight bus (boring, expensive) or you take the DIY route and figure it out as you go using some combination of shared vehicles, taxis and hitchhiking.  Naturally we chose the latter. How to get from  Kashgar to Kyrgyzstan: Part 1 Go to the international bus station around 8 am.  It’s extremely... read more

Dumplings and Naan in Kashgar

If Danielle had blindfolded me for the 72-hour train journey (uh, thanks for not doing that though) and secretly led me to Kashgar, looking around I doubt I would have been able to guess which region of the world she had taken me to. Over two thousand miles from Beijing, Kashgar feels much more like the Middle East than China. Arabic script sits alongside Chinese characters, men wear doppa hats and women... read more

72 Hours: Beijing to Kashgar

Ever wonder what it’s like to be on a train for more than a day?  Here are our thoughts….   Hour 2: (Silvia) With probably an unlimited number of standing tickets being sold, our train car is bursting with people. But so far it feels more lively than claustrophobic. Our neighbors helped us stow our bags and gave us bananas! And after the look of horror our hostel receptionist had given us... read more

A Sleepover at the Great Wall

After about two weeks in Beijing, I was developing bad habits — well, let’s just say I was getting lazy and constantly overdosing on baguette and cheese from the nearby gourmet grocery store.  Local food only fail.  When a friend from my hostel (I was basically a longterm resident) invited me to join him on an overnight adventure to the Great Wall, I jumped at the opportunity.  I had already... read more

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