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Gone to the Gilis

People warned us against going to the Gili Islands.  “No police, lots of drugs and theft,” they said.  We were retold horror stories of travelers dying after drinking methanol laced jungle juice.  But a quick Google image search persuaded us that the islands were just too beautiful to miss. We were still a little worried that Gili Trawangan, the largest of the islands, would be Kuta 2.0 but we... read more

Monkey Bites and Ear Candles

While still a tourist haven, Ubud was a breath of fresh air after the trashy party scene (ahem, Aussies) of Kuta. We joined up with our friend Angel, who will be an unoffical coconut for the next week or so. Our first stop in Ubud was the not to be missed Monkey Forest, which is exactly what the name implies; lush green forest filled with playfull (greedy) monkeys. Lots of them. A few dollars will buy you... read more

Biking in Bali

I never thought I would miss the craziness that is navigating Chiang Mai streets on a motorbike, but oh my goodness, how Bali traffic makes me long for those calm calm roads. Sitting on the back while I drove, Danielle probably had no idea how many dangerously close calls we had, lucky thing. Then again, it might actually have been more stressful to cling to the bike as we swerved around sharp bends and... read more

Goodbye Bangkok, Hello Bali

* The Roaming Coconuts are having some technical difficulties right now hence the sideways photos, however, the internet is slow and we are tired so please bear with us and tilt your heads. 4:45 Don Muaeng Airport, Bangkok. We’re staring at the sushi restaurant in front of us, wondering who could possibly want to eat raw fish at this hour. But maybe we’d feel differently if we hadn’t... read more

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