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11 Ways To Backpack Through Israel On Less Than $20 Per Day

  I’ve been talking Israel up to Silvia for the past year, so when we finally decided to go the pressure was on. Especially when I realized that despite having been there several times before, I had never actually traveled the country as a tourist. Obviously I’ve always been a fan of Israel, but this trip opened my eyes to just how warm and hospitable Israelis can be. Prickly pears (sabras)... read more

Surfing in Palestine

Couchsurfing that is. The West Bank. Palestine. Whatever you want to call it, controversy over this small yet politically and religiously charged piece of land has been saturating the international news for years, so chances are you’ve heard of it. You probably even have some sort of opinion about it. Though I had been to Israel several times, I had never spent more than a few hours in the West Bank, and... read more

In Israel, the Desert is Full of Surprises

Thoughts upon arriving to Israel: When did everything get even more expensive? Israelis are so cool. How are they all so cool? The beach! Olives! I need to move here. (After being cut in front of five times while trying to order some bread) WHY ARE ISRAELIS SO PUSHY? I need to be pushier. I could never live here. At least tomatoes are still cheap. I should live here! Could I live here? After visiting... read more

Ohio: Goodbye and Good Morning

I have three hours to kill during my layover in Istanbul, and as 6 am is a little early for kebabs (wait, is it?), what better time to resume blogging! To catch you up to speed: I was home for six weeks, and while I’m sure you’re all dying for some Cleveland-centric posts, I didn’t really do anything too blog worthy. In fact, I didn’t really do much at all.   So, with an extra... read more

2014: Blog Changes & Travel Plans

So, you’re probably wondering why the blog is called The Roaming Coconuts if there is only one of me, right?  TRC was born into existence after I met Silvia while we were volunteers in Thailand.  After knowing each other for only three months, we decided to take an epic four and a half month backpacking trip around Asia, stopping in places like Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan,... read more


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