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Undiscovered Myanmar: Trekking in Northern Shan State

I enjoyed everything that I did in Myanmar, but the real highlight of my trip was the three-day motorbike trek that I did in Northern Shan State.  If I had just done the trek and nothing else, I still would have left the country feeling satisfied.  After working with Shan Youth Power in Chiang Mai, I couldn’t wait to visit the homeland of my coworkers and friends.  Plus, Shan food is really, really,... read more

Myanmar: The Land of Lephet Thoke, Longyis and Betel Nut Colored Smiles

I initially made my way to Asia as part of the American Jewish World Service’s Volunteer Corps.  I was placed in the lovely city of Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, where I spent time helping out at the incredibly inspiring Burmese NGOs, Shan Youth Power and NEED-Burma.   It was an amazing experience and I learned so much about Myanmar (or are we still calling it Burma? Unclear.) but never got to... read more


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