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My Personal Peruvian Prison: The Slow Boat From Iquitos To Pulcalpa

The room was about 6 x 9 feet, just big enough for two of us and our bags, the hard¬†bunk beds with their filthy mattresses, and the equally filthy seatless toilet. The water from the shower head flowed brown, but it was so chokingly hot and humid I didn’t care. The cracked walls were home to a steady stream of ants and cockroaches so large it appeared they were on steroids. You’re probably... read more

Bizarre Foods At The Belen Market

As we stepped off the boat– our fourth of the arduous yet scenic journey downriver here from Ecuador — I felt relieved to be on solid ground again. ¬†Looking around, I was instantly hit with a wave of nostalgia for Southeast Asia, a region that had once been my home for the better part of a year. The tuk-tuk filled streets, the heavy and humid air, the seemingly suicidal motorbike drivers... read more


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