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My Around the World Round Up: Part II

Central Asia.  The collection of countries otherwise known as the “Stans.” But more accurately… the collection of countries people just don’t know about. Well, save for Afghanistan, but it seems we just consider it the Middle East now.  I mean I certainly didn’t know how to spell Kyrgyzstan two years ago. And Tajikistan? To be honest – I may not have known it existed. So how did I end up spending... read more

Central Asian Food

If you were to ask Silvia, she would say it’s delicious.  I would say it can be good but lacks variety.  And Sasha?  Well, she would probably be in the bathroom….   When we first arrived in the region we happily stuffed ourselves with cheese and bread, delicacies that we just couldn’t afford as volunteers in Thailand.  Throughout our two months in Central Asia we ate A LOT of the above.... read more

Bitter in Bukhara

We’re blogging from a tiny burger and beer joint–one of the few places we can seek refuge from the geriatric masses here on packaged tours. And that’s only because despite the glossy sign advertising its location, this place is pretty run down. And they don’t serve cappuccino (the beer is excellent though). Does it sound like we’re complaining? We kind of are. I think Sasha... read more

Truckin’ it to Dushanbe

“You can try, but I promise you won’t find anyone to take all of you.” “Three of you?!  You’ll have to split up.” Other travelers reacted with a surprising amount of negativity when they heard our plan to travel by semi-truck. Without splitting up.  We had already attempted hitchhiking once, but were quickly shut down by the Chinese border police.  We decided that... read more

Khorog, We Love You

This post was written by Silvia Lawrence, who can be found blogging from Heart My Backpack.   I think it’s time to come clean with you guys. Some of our stories, particularly the dialogue, haven’t happened exactly as we’ve told you. You see, since coming to Central Asia, everything has been in Russian. While Sasha and Danielle have learned quite a bit (more than Danielle or I ever... read more

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