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What We Did In Vietnam

We ate. Vietnamese food is probably the most delicious we’ve had on this trip.  Pho, spring rolls, rice noodles,  banh mi and loads of fresh herbs.  So delicious! And drank. Lot’s and lot’s of Vietnamese coffee.  I’m not sure why it’s so good (all of that condensed milk maybe?) but it is. We spent a few nights in Hanoi. French architecture, cheap beer, cheap spa services and... read more

Vietnam: No Love Affair Here

There is no denying that Vietnam has had a tumultuous history.  Ruled by the Chinese, colonized by the French, brutally invaded by the Americans and  their allies as they aided the Southern Vietnamese in a senseless and devastating war, and now overcome with hordes of hedonistic backpackers, many of whom are here simply to get wasted, laid and tanned.  Cheaply. With that being said, the Vietnamese are an... read more

Kunming, China to Vietnam: Visas and Transportation

Getting a Vietnamese Visa in Kunming: After a 12+ hour ride from Bijie, I arrived at the Kunming bus station around 1:00 am sans Silvia who was spending one extra night in Bijie.  It was super sketchy and as soon as I stepped off of the bus I was surrounded by people yelling at me in Chinese, asking for money, trying to get me to take their taxi, etc.  I hated it and definitely overpaid the taxi driver... read more


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