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Myanmar: The Land of Lephet Thoke, Longyis and Betel Nut Colored Smiles

I initially made my way to Asia as part of the American Jewish World Service’s Volunteer Corps.  I was placed in the lovely city of Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, where I spent time helping out at the incredibly inspiring Burmese NGOs, Shan Youth Power and NEED-Burma.   It was an amazing experience and I learned so much about Myanmar (or are we still calling it Burma? Unclear.) but never got to... read more

The Harvest

This post was written by Silvia Lawrence, who can be found blogging from Heart My Backpack. Am I the only one who associates “harvest” with creepy sacrifice rituals? Have I been spending too much time watching supernatural TV shows and not enough working the land? Well duh.  One of the nice things about returning to Chiang Mai after months on the road was already knowing the ins and outs of... read more

It’s Holiday Time in Chiang Mai!

This post was written by Silvia Lawrence, who can be found blogging from Heart My Backpack.   After four and a half months on the road, spending every night in a different hostel bed and just about every waking minute with Danielle (I love you, but aaahhh), it felt oh so good to return to Chiang Mai and rent an apartment for an entire MONTH! I’ve lived in Thailand before, working for four... read more

Community Based Tourism in Arslanbob, Kyrgyzstan

The trip from Bishkek to Arslanbob took about eight hours – not bad by our standards.  Plus we had working windows.  And we only broke down once.  As per usual we arrived at our destination after dark with no accommodation booked.  But this time, instead of stumbling around under the weight of our backpacks searching for someone to take us in, we were pleasantly surprised to find an English speaking... read more


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